Wholesale E-Liquid Bottles: The 5 Best Sizes for Vape Juice Explained

With the growing demands of the vaping market, wholesale e-liquid bottles are becoming one of the most important factors within the vaping community.

Vaping has exploded into a $22.6 billion (£17.1 billion)1 market over the past decade and is expected to keep growing to $43 billion (£33 billion) by 2023.2 Frustrated customers have had enough of malfunctioning, poor quality and poorly designed e-liquid bottles.

What Do Customers Need From Their Vape Bottles?

When your customers are choosing their e-juice bottle, two things will stand out: functionality and labelling.

The last thing any vaper wants is difficulty refilling their device, wasted liquid or sub-par e-liquid bottles ruining their favourite flavour.


The the cap or tip is one of the most important aspects of e-liquid bottle functionality. It must provide an effortless and efficient e-juice refilling process. Vaping forums are full of complaints from customers about poorly designed e-liquid bottles being either too difficult to access or cleanly refill their devices.

There are frequent horror stories of sharp tools such as knives, scissors and screwdrivers causing injuries to customers, just to open their e-liquid bottle. As if that isn’t enough of a struggle, many e-liquid bottles leak the customers e-juice all over their clothes and carpet with poorly constructed seals, caps or tips.  

Both glass and plastic HUSKY bottles are designed with either a needle tip or dropper cap. They are thin enough to accurately fill any vaping device without the customer having to worry about spillage.

And with the option of graduated pipettes on every dropper, customers can easily measure the amount of e-juice they require.

HUSKY 23mm Natural Tips


Having unique and creative labels can really help bottles stand out on a shelf, so it’s very important to an e-juice wholesaler to show off the e-liquid and emphasise the quality of the juice.

Labelling isn’t just a useful sales tool, it’s legally required to conform with government requirements. Since 2016, the vaping industry has been classified under the ‘Tobacco Products Directive (TBD)’ and the chemical industry, which requires all labelling to follow regulations3 to remain legally compliant throughout distribution.

The 5 Most Important Aspects of E-Juice Bottles

The last thing customers want is spillage, difficulty refilling their vape device or a bottle so hard to open they need tools, which can cause injuries (yes this really does happen). Here are the five most important features customers want from their e-liquid bottles.

1. Cap and Tip

The cap and tip hold the key to the entire customer experience. With an easy to refill dropper or needle tip cap, customers can ensure they refill their vape pen without spillage or filling their centre tube.

At HUSKY we haven’t just recognised this issue, we have innovated pre-inserted tip technology which guarantees no spillage!

2. Dropper

The dropper is possibly the single most important feature of any e-liquid bottle. Customers want to store their liquid and refill their vape pen or other device with ease. If this causes trouble, the bottle will be left unused (and probably torn apart in vaping forums).

A vape bottle must be easy to open. This is after all going to be refilled with e-juice multiple times. If the bottle requires screwdrivers (which has caused injuries to fingers and hands), teeth or breaks nails, you can believe it will be going in the rubbish.

HUSKY bottles droppers screw off with ease, while remaining child-resistant ensuring secure and accessible e-liquid bottles every time.

15ml CRC Dripper
CRC 15ml Dripper

3. Child Resistance & Tamper Evidence

Children are curious by nature, and a colourful e-liquid is sure to grab their attention. As with any substances containing chemicals, e-liquid can be harmful if ingested. The last thing any customer wants is a heart stopping rush to A&E because their child has managed to find their way into an e-liquid bottle.

Child resistance is more than just complying with government regulations, it is about providing peace of mind and safety of vulnerable children around the home. E-liquid is a chemical liquid which you don’t want children to have access to and neither do we.   

Although all vape bottles in the UK must be child resistant & tamper evident, it is always advised to follow best practice and keep bottles out of reach. Having child resistant vape juice bottles helps add that extra level of security and assurance.

HUSKY’s entire range of e-liquid bottles, regardless of size or style feature child resistant tips and caps, we understand that quality and safety should never be compromised.

Customers also want to know that what they purchase is safe for consumption. Not only containing the highest quality and great tasting juices, they want to be assured their juice has been produced safely. They also want to be assured their e-juice has not been tampered with until they are ready to enjoy it.

HUSKY 34mm Tent Black and Natural Caps
HUSKY 34mm Tent Black and Natural Caps

Vape bottles with tamper evident seals help reassure customers that from manufacturing to shop floor, the bottle has not been tampered with and their juice is safe to consume. If there is any sign that the cap has been opened or tampered with, the customer will be aware.

E-liquid is a consumable product, every aspect of production and manufacturing needs to be completed with the same rigours as any other consumable product. At HUSKY we ensure each step of the process is hygienically completed with meticulous attention to detail.

Not only do tamper evident seals comply with government regulations, they also provide an effective way to show your customer that you take your product and their safety seriously.

4. Transparency

Transparent bottles are a great way to showcase vape juice in its fullest. By using transparent bottles, you are telling the customer there is nothing to hide. No murky undertones or nasty surprises for them to find when they get round to enjoying their new e-liquid.  

When consumers see a nice clear bottle on a shelf, it adds confidence to them and shows confidence in the product. The quality of the packaging directly represents the quality of the product. If you are using poor quality e-liquid bottles with cheaply sourced plastic, regardless of how good or bad the e-liquid is, customers will not be willing to find out.

If you have spent time, money and effort producing the finest flavours of e-juice for customers to enjoy, don’t compromise your brand or product with sub-par e-liquid bottles. HUSKY uses high-quality PET plastic providing crystal clear transparency maintaining the full flavour of the juice throughout storage.

HUSKY Clear Bottle

5. Highest-Quality Materials

Often, customers will be storing their e-juice for an undetermined amount of time. The one thing they want to have guaranteed is that the e-juice flavour will be as fresh as new. Cheaply produced plastic will react with the e-juice and deteriorate the quality of the product.

Correct storage, along with high-quality bottles ensure that the e-juice flavour remains fresh as long as possible.

E-Liquid Bottle Sizes:

When it comes to selecting the ideal e-liquid storage container, it all depends on how the customer expects to use their e-juice and how long they want to store it for.

A general rule of thumb is that 1ml of e-liquid = 1 packet of cigarettes.

10ml E-Liquid Bottles

The 10ml e-liquid bottle is the most popular size for sampling e-liquid flavours or experimenting with multiple flavours. With such a variety out there, some users like to have a selection to satisfy their palette.

Along with the 15ml e-liquid bottle, this is a great size for carrying your e-liquid on the go.

10ml e-liquid bottle
HUSKY 10ml Bottle

15ml E-Liquid Bottles

The 15ml e-liquid bottle is possibly the most common e-liquid bottle size for flavour sampling.

They’re perfect for daily use and storing multiple flavours. The 15ml e-liquid bottles are a classic favourite amongst the vaping community.

15ml e-liquid bottle
HUSKY 15ml Bottle

30ml (Tall/Short) E-Liquid Bottles

30ml e-liquid bottles are the most widely used and popular e-juice size globally. They’re known for their sleek and elegant design, fitting perfectly into handbags and pockets. They are also proving popular for 50/50 juices.

They are great for storing PG based liquids and for sampling VG based liquids.

HUSKY 30ml (Tall/Short) Bottle

60ml (Tall/Short) E-Liquid Bottles

Whether a perfectly crafted flavour, or 30ml just isn’t enough, 60ml e-liquid bottles are the perfect companion, whilst remaining easy to bring on the go.

60ml e-liquid bottles are favoured amongst VG based vapers.

HUSKY 60ml (Tall/Short) Bottle

100ml E-Liquid Bottles

100ml e-liquid bottles represent a bulk size. 100ml E-liquid bottles are perfect for long term storage. When that perfect flavour has been found customers love ensuring they can enjoy it for as long as possible.

HUSKY 100ml Bottle

E-Liquid Bottle Wholesale: Decision Time

E-liquid flavours are vast and varied and with the vaping community experimenting more and more with their own creations, customers care (a lot!) about their e-liquid containers.

As you can see there is a lot to take into consideration to ensure a perfect vaping experience for passionate customers.

Ensuring their flavours remain the fullest throughout storage, ensuring no mess or wasted liquid and proving easy to refill are just some of the considerations to take into account.

At HUSKY each one of our bottles are engineered for durability and designed for usability. Our entire range of bottles feature innovative pre-inserted tips, with a secured snap over design which ensures refilling is quick, clean and effortless.

We have listened to the problems the vaping community has been facing due to cheaply produced inferior e-liquid bottles. Injuries, wasted e-juice, ruined clothes and carpets and spoiled e-juice all caused by these sub-par e-liquid bottles. HUSKY has innovated new technology directly solving these issues and uses only the highest-quality products during manufacturing.  

Along with child resistant and TE tamper evident caps, we ensure the customers needs are fully satisfied!

To find out more about our full range of e-liquid bottles contact us today.

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