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30ml E-liquid bottles are the most common and most popular size for vapers. Known for their versatility, they provide enough liquid for customers to enjoy their favourite flavours while remaining easy to take on the go.

Both the tall and short bottles provide spectacular usability, safety and security. With HUSKY’s pre-inserted tip technology and snap dropper, the unique design ensures that even with the thickest liquids the top will not pop off and leave a horrible mess to clean up. When it comes to refilling the bottle, there is no need for struggle, sharp tools or teeth, providing the most efficient and effortless e-juice refill experience possible.

HUSKY’s 30ml e-liquid bottles guarantee no waste through leakage (tested over 150x), no blow off and no loss of e-juice quality. Using the highest quality PET plastic, our 30ml e-juice bottles are supremely durable and easy to use. The needle tips provide an accurate refilling process and the squeezable plastic makes sure there are no unnecessary frustrations.

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Whether choosing the smoke or crystal clear finish, the high-quality PET plastic ensures the freshness and high-quality of the e-liquid remains unaltered while being stored, keeping the customers favourite flavours just as tasty as when they bought it.

Popular for 50/50 and PG liquids, while becoming more frequently used for trying VG liquids, 30ml e-liquid bottles are a favourite size among the vaping community because of their excellent versatility. This makes having high-quality bottles even more important, as inferior quality will be noticed, shared and avoided. HUSKY bottles solve the issues customers face ensuring high-quality storage for high-quality e-liquids.

Key Benefits of 30ml E-Liquid Bottles

  • Store larger amount of e-liquid while remaining easily portable
  • Easy and accurate refilling
  • Popular for 50/50 and PG based liquids
  • Good for sampling VG based liquids

All our bottles have the following features and specifications:

Features: Neck, Easy pliable plastic

Material: PET, “clear polyethylene terephthalate”

Standard Colors: Clear/Smoke + Natural/Black

Colours Available:
Minimum order 25,000

  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • and many more!

Custom colours available on request

Case Pack Quantities:

  • 30ml tall bottle: 1,500PCS
  • 30ml short bottle: 1,302PCS

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