E-Liquid Bottle Caps

At HUSKY, the customers e-liquid is our priority, which is why we focus on each aspect of our e-liquid bottles with meticulous care and attention. All of our caps have been tested to government standards to ensure the compliance and safe storage of customers e-juice.

Our entire range of caps are child resistant, providing the security and peace of mind required when storing e-liquid in the home. Our TE tamper evident seals provide the guarantee that our bottles have been manufactured with the safe, hygienic and exclusive use of the customer in mind.

What truly sets our caps apart from the rest are our innovative pre-inserted tips and snap on design, customers can reuse and refill their vape devices with unprecedented ease. The most frustrating issues the vaping community faces are bottles which require extensive strain and sharp tools to open, causing injuries to fingers and hands. Bottles that leak during refill, make a huge mess, waste e-liquid and ruin clothes. At HUSKY we have done our research and deliver the solution customers crave.

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Don’t let a single drop of E-liquid go to waste! Our bottles are designed to keep your liquid where it’s supposed to be. Quality tested over 150 times, our new innovative tip design ensures there are; no drips, no waste, and best of all no mess.

Child resistant cap

Precaution and attention to detail are of the utmost importance to HUSKY. It’s our duty to ensure our customers can have the most enjoyable vaping experience without worrying about their e-liquid storage. Each one of our HUSKY bottles are secured with government standard and tested child resistant caps, that run smooth down filling lines and glides on with ease.

Tamper evident

Each HUSKY bottle features a TE tamper evident seal. Our customers can rest assured that their e-liquid is stored hygienically, safely, and exclusively for the consumer. Engineered for durability and designed for usability. Our entire range of bottles feature innovative pre-inserted tips, with a secured snap over design which ensures refilling your tank is quick, clean and effortless.

Our Range of Caps:

All our lids have the following features and specifications:

Features: Solid grip, Smooth ‘screw on’ application, pre-installed tip, Tamper evident

Material:  polypropylene

Minimum order 25,000

  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • and many more!

Custom colours available on request

Case Pack Quantities:

  • (14mm) 10ml cap/tip: 6,000PCS
  • (14mm) 15ml cap/tip: 6,000PCS
  • (14mm) 30ml tall cap/tip: 6,000PCS
  • (23mm) 30ml short cap/tip: 1,953pcs
  • (23mm) 60ml tall cap/tip: 1,953PCS
  • (34mm) 60ml short cap/tip: 1,320PCS
  • (34mm) 100ml cap/tip: 1,320PCS
  • (34mm) 120ml cap/tip: 1,320PCS

HUSKY 14mm Diameter Tent Caps

HUSKY 14mm Diameter Symmetrical Caps

HUSKY 23mm Diameter Tent Caps

HUSKY 23mm Diameter Symmetrical Caps

HUSKY 34mm Diameter Tent Caps

HUSKY 34mm Diameter Symmetrical Caps

HUSKY 14mm Diameter Tips

HUSKY 23mm Diameter Tips

HUSKY 34mm Diameter Tips

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