About Us

Who We Are

HUSKY brand was created specifically for the Vape market out of necessity. Providing a line of perfectly designed e-juice bottles that has the customers best interests in mind. Whether it’s our pliable HUSKY tip material, TE tamper evident design or non-leak bottles, we put an end to customers e-juice storage problems. Our expert engineers use only the highest quality materials to construct our e-liquid bottles. Our talented designers are committed to ensuring customers love using our products.

Our Vision

Vaping is not just a hobby or a trend, but a lifestyle, and we share the same enthusiasm and compassion as our customers. At HUSKY our values are prevalent in every aspect of the manufacturing process. We are dedicated to neuter leaky, imperfect and counterfeit bottles from the market. HUSKY’s team of engineers, designers and quality-assurance specialists rigorously inspect each product before being shipped out worldwide. Utilising industry leading technology keeps our products on the cutting edge of the latest industry advances. With over 100 years combined professional packaging experience, our team always discovers the solutions our market requires. Our customers fall in love with our products and are left stunned by our competitive prices.  

What We Do

We hold strong to the belief that we can make a huge impact in the world when we combine resources, passions and global mission’s efforts. We believe in supporting Christian mission organisations. At P&P over 10% of our profits go towards supporting:

Our History

P&P International was established in the heart of California in 2003, providing packaging solutions for food services. P&P International has now grown and developed a vast global client base across various industries. Serving our clients’ needs with complete satisfaction in mind. This is made possible by always remaining true to our core principles; uncompromising integrity, exceptional customer service and the highest quality products.


Highest Quality

All of our HUSKY plastic products are made from FDA approved virgin resins, such as the highest quality PET for our bottles and Polypropylene for our closures. We will never compromise on the quality when manufacturing our products. All our products are food grade, disposable, recyclable or compostable.  Using the highest standard PET plastic we deliver a strong, lightweight, non-reactive, economical and shatterproof bottle.

Uncompromising Integrity

Business is built on trust, we have developed trust with each one of our customers and remain dedicated to that. Once a business is interested only in taking your money, there is a serious lack of quality in the product. We are dedicated to creating the very best product for our customer’s needs. This is why we have become a market leader today. When given the choice between doing what’s right and doing what’s profitable, we ALWAYS do what’s right and best for the customer.

Exceptional Customer Service

We feel our customers problems as our own, ensuring we get them solved. We take the time to evaluate the industry and understand the packaging solutions required. If the product is not exactly right, the business will suffer and this is something we will never allow to happen. This has led to our “Operation 100%” motto; we strive to provide 100% solution resolution, with 100% customer satisfaction. Our team will always respond quickly to any issues, ensuring that they are solved the first time, every time.

Our Team

  • Bill Spencer
    Bill Spencer President & CEO
  • Todd Spencer
    Todd Spencer Sales Manager
  • Paul Borromeo
    Paul Borromeo Sales
  • Gary Tippitt
    Gary Tippitt Sales

Our Partners

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