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100ml e-liquid bottles are perfect for customers who have found their favourite flavour and want to know they can enjoy it for a while. The design means these bottles are still practical to take out and about, with all the security features to ensure that none of the liquid leaks.

HUSKY’s innovative pre-inserted tips allow customers to enjoy more liquid without the hassle of difficult refills, ensuring a smooth, efficient and effortless experience, every time. The high-quality food grade PET plastic guarantees that there is no loss of flavour throughout storage, vital for 100ml e-liquid bottles.

Both the smoke and crystal clear finishes provide the quality the e-liquid deserves, marking it out as a superior product. Our non-leak pre-inserted tips provide an extra level of quality and assurance for the customers, knowing they will be able to enjoy every drop of their favourite flavour. We remove the frustration caused by inferior quality products to prevent mess , waste, and spills, ensuring the ultimate vaping experience.

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The needle tip and easy squeeze design features provide the level of simplicity and accuracy customers require. The snap dropper keeps the e-juice safe without fear of popping off unexpectedly, leaving a horrible mess and wasted liquid, while remaining easy to remove when it comes to refilling, taking away the annoyance felt by many vapers by inferior quality bottles.

We don’t believe our customers should be concerned about the safety of storing e-liquid, that’s our job, with our child resistant caps and tamper evident seals we provide the peace of mind customers value and deserve. When it comes to storing e-juice in bulk there can be no compromises, we recognize this and so does the vaping community. We deliver the bottles they demand and fall in love with using.

Key Benefits of 100ml E-Liquid Bottles

  • Convenient for the go, small enough to fit in any pocket or purse
  • Stores enough liquid for a full day of vaping
  • Ideal for sampling various flavours

All our bottles have the following features and specifications:

Features: Neck, Easy pliable plastic

Material: PET, “clear polyethylene terephthalate”

Standard Colors: Clear/Smoke + Natural/Black

Colours Available:
Minimum order 25,000

  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • and many more!

Custom colours available on request

Case Pack Quantities:

  • 100ml bottle: 330PCS

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