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HUSKY’s 15ml e-liquid bottles strike the perfect balance between sampling flavours and not running out during the day. The sleek design and compact size will sit in any purse or pocket, occupying minimum space and storing maximum flavour.

HUSKY’s innovative designs, including TE tamper evident caps, pre-inserted tips and child resistant caps, deliver uncompromised safety and convenience. Customers will love how effortless and efficient our 15ml e-liquid bottles are to refill, with our easy pliable plastic bottle tips. They will adore the non-leak design which will ensure they will be able to enjoy every last drop of their favourite e-juice, knowing that they won’t waste any, or have a mess to be cleaned up.

The high quality PET plastic used ensures our bottles deliver the best experience possible for our customers. The needle tip provides superior accuracy and ease, which guarantees refilling their vape tank will no longer be a hazardous chore. The crystal clear PET plastic showcases the e-juice in all its glory, while maintaining the full flavour and quality throughout storage.

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Perfect for those trying to quit smoking, 15ml e-liquid bottles provide the ideal sampling size while finding their favourite flavor and nicotine level. Extremely popular for PG based liquids, which tends to deliver a stronger throat hit and is common amongst higher level nicotine e-liquids.

15ml e-liquids bottles are largely used for those introducing themselves to vaping and/or trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The last thing that they need are problems accessing, refilling and storing their e-juice. At HUSKY we take those potential concerns away and ensure a hassle free, drip free and pain free experience for customers. The quality of your e-liquid is well protected with the quality of our bottles.

Key Benefits of 15ml E-Liquid Bottles

  • Convenient for the go, small enough to fit in any pocket or purse
  • Ideal for those quitting smoking to sample various flavours
  • Popular for PG based e-liquids
  • Stores enough e-juice for heavy users throughout the day

All our bottles have the following features and specifications:

Features: Neck, Easy pliable plastic

Material: PET, “clear polyethylene terephthalate”

Standard Colors: Clear/Smoke + Natural/Black

Colours Available:
Minimum order 25,000

  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • and many more!

Custom colours available on request

Case Pack Quantities:

  • 15ml bottle: 2,000PCS

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