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It is our mission to eliminate the problems caused by inferior quality
products from the market. No more leaks, no more loss of flavor,
no more frustration. HUSKY bottles lead the pack. Finally, a bottle you deserve.

Introducing HUSKY Bottles: Revolutionizing E-liquid Storage.

Quality engineering, ingenious design, HUSKY bottles’ innovative non-leak technology makes e-liquid waste a thing of the past.


Introducing HUSKY’s innovative pre-inserted dropper tip technology. Featuring a secured snap over design, refilling the tank has never been easier. With a simple 1-step assembly, no more spills, no more mess.


At HUSKY we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our customer service is the core of our business, building positive relationships with all our customers. With our short lead times we will ensure our products will arrive on time, every time.


One of the biggest advantages of HUSKY bottles is that they are refillable, resealable and reusable. Every bottle is quality assured and designed for easy refill, no mess, no tools, no hassle.


HUSKY 60ml Tall and Short Bottles

The 60ml HUSKY bottle is a perfect size for vapers who like to carry a little extra e-juice on them when the 30ml is not enough. Our 60ml features a tamper evident/child resistant cap for safety and security. These bottles also include pre-inserted tips to allow for easy and accurate dispensing of e-liquid with no waste. The 60ml is the perfect size that will get your tail wagging.


HUSKY 30ml Tall and Short Bottles

Our 30ml bottles are proving to be a very popular size for vapers on the go. Customers love the slim and sleek bottle design that fits perfectly in any pocket, purse, or backpack. Customers can use our 30ml HUSKY bottles without the fear that the dropper tip will block up or suddenly pop off resulting in the liquid spilling out. The 30ml is a loyal companion you can rely on every time.


HUSKY 100ml Tall Bottle

Our 100ml bottles are perfect for the long-term storage of your favourite e-liquid flavours. The versatile design ensures they remain portable and usable on the go, allowing customers to savour their favourite flavour. With HUSKY’s 100ml bottle customers can enjoy the same full flavour without having to worry about their e-liquid losing quality or taste over time. The 100ml bottle will never let you down.

Run with the head of the pack, get your HUSKY wholesale order today.



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