E-Liquid Bottles

Engineered for durability and designed for useability, HUSKY bottles are tailor made for the vape lifestyle. Our bottles provide the safe and secure storage of e-juice vapers have been lacking on a market saturated with inferior quality bottles. Our easy to use bottles have revolutionised the refilling process making it a clean and seamless experience.

Whether stored at home or out and about in pockets and purses, HUSKY bottles will keep e-juice completely safe and secure. Using the highest-quality PET plastic our entire range of bottles will always retain the full flavour of any e-liquid throughout storage and perfectly dispense the e-juice every time.

HUSKY bottles’ revolutionary design and engineering is changing the face of e-liquid storage using innovative technology to solve the issues inferior bottles have been causing

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Poorly designed and manufactured bottles have been ruining vapers experience and clothes for far too long. The vaping community have had to endure leaky bottles, wasted e-juice and messy refills, HUSKY has designed a bottle which finally brings and end to these issues. Quality tested over 150 times, our new innovative pre-inserted tip design guarantees there are no more difficult refills, and no more leaks.

Child resistant cap

Precaution and attention to detail are of the utmost importance to HUSKY. It’s our duty to ensure our customers can have the most enjoyable vaping experience without worrying about their e-liquid storage. Each one of our HUSKY bottles feature TE tamper evident seals, secured with government standard and tested child resistant caps, that run smooth down filling lines and glides on with ease.


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User friendly

Every aspect of  HUSKY bottles are designed for the end user. Our snap-on secure caps provide an end to using sharp tools to get into a bottle, causing multiple injuries to hands and fingers. The high-quality PET plastic keeps the full flavour of e-juice locked in whether 10ml or 120ml the flavour remains fresh throughout storage. Ergonomic design ensures our bottles are easy to take on the go, securely with no leaks or mess. Our needle tips and squeezable bottles ensure accurate and easy refill of vape tanks, every time. HUSKY bottles guarantee the safe and secure storage of e-liquid and don’t compromise on quality, providing the solution vapers have been looking for.

Our Range of Bottles:

All our bottles have the following features and specifications:

Features: Neck, Easy pliable plastic

Material: PET, “clear polyethylene terephthalate”

Standard Colors: Clear/Smoke + Natural/Black

Minimum order 25,000

  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • and many more!

Custom colours available on request

Case Pack Quantities:

  • 10ml bottle: 2,000PCS
  • 15ml bottle: 2,000PCS
  • 30ml tall bottle: 1,500PCS
  • 30ml short bottle: 1,302PCS
  • 60ml tall bottle: 651PCS
  • 60ml short bottle: 660PCS
  • 100ml bottle: 330PCS
  • 120ml bottle: 330PCS

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HUSKY 15ml Bottles

HUSKY 30ml Short and Tall Bottles

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HUSKY 100ml Bottles

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